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    Fixed income investments

    Our company's main investment focus is in the Fixed Income segment. With an experience accumulated in over a decade, our company has developed well-established investment teams and state-of-the-art market research capabilities. In recent years, the breadth and depth of the fixed income market has increased significantly going from traditional products such as deposits, bonds and funds to encompass innovative investment solutions, such as trust and bank financing products, asset securitization products and others.

    Equity investments

    Equity investment is one of GCAMC's core investment areas, mainly focusing on domestic equity and stock investments. GCAMC is a strong believer that fundamentals drive investment returns. Adopting a long-term perspective, we are committed to create absolute returns.

    Overseas investments

    GCAMC has established an overseas division with access to global assets and markets. We can rely on Generali Group, which has more than 180 years of experience in investing in all major markets and asset classes and is one of the largest European asset managers, with assets under management in excess of EUR 500 Billion.

    Trading Ability

    GCAMC's trading business has covered all major trading varieties including cash, bonds, deposits, funds, trust products, wealth management products, foreign exchange products and others. GCAMC has established a trading system characterized by strong practical operational advantages, that enables it to manage risks in a volatile financial environment.

    Asset Management Qualifications

    Unsecured debt investment. In February 2011, GCAMC obtained the approval to invest in unsecured debt by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), which implies that the Company has the highest recognition of fixed income investment ability.

    Entrusted asset management. In September 2013, GCAMC obtained the qualification of entrusted asset manager. The Company is able to serve as a trustee for insurance companies and other qualified investors and, based on the client's investment objectives and requirements, to manage the entrusted assets.

    Insurance asset management products. In November 2013, GCAMC obtained the authorization to issue insurance asset management products. Thanks to this license, the Company is authorized to raise funds by selling standardized products to investors.

    GCAMC can use GCL's QDII quota for overseas investments, which was increased to USD 915 Million in 2012, making it one of the largest quotas among insurance companies.

    Investment Banking Business

    In May 2013, GCAMC obtained the qualification to take part in infrastructure investments. As a trustee, GCAMC is able to issue financial products to be sold to qualified investors in order to raise funds for infrastructural projects.

    This business line also includes capital operations and financial planning for SOEs and limited direct investments into the debt and equity capital of projects ranging from energy to infrastructure and real estate.